Starting Middle School: the Fear Before

Fear of starting middle school has set in for Miss L., and I’m trying to offer what reassurance I can. She’s not having it and I’m probably unconvincing because I know what she’s headed for. I’m starting to think that a little appropriate honesty and bluntness might be a better way to go. “Look, basically, the next couple years are really gonna suck. Girls can be mean and petty. Boys are…boys. They’re probably thinking about your boobs (don’t take pictures of said boobs and send them to any boys!). Everyone is awkward in their bodies and in their heads. You’re twelve. You have no context for any of this. Your brain isn’t fully developed. No one knows what to do with themselves or anyone else. Everyone wants to fit it. Being the only one without a friend in class is your worst fear. Everyone feels the same way you do but no one can say that and wouldn’t know how to express it if they could. You may feel pressure to take extreme measures to fit in. If the extreme measures involve drugs, alcohol, sex, or anything illegal, please don’t. It can have life-altering consequences, such as death or babies. If you do, we love you and forgive you and will always be here to help you. Prayer can help even though you say it doesn’t work for you. Daddy and I can help you. Or your home church leaders. Let us help if you need to. You’ll start to get the hang of it and some of it will be a lot of fun. You might even make some new friends and some memories worth keeping, but some of it it’s still really gonna suck. Then it’s gonna start to get better. Don’t throw yourself at boys or text them constantly. Be the one who’s kind to others. And please don’t take pictures of your boobs.” #MiddleSchool #JesusHelpUs

Starting Middle School: the Fear Before

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