Starting Middle School: Social Media Edition

I’m sorry for the lack of grace that this post is going to exhibit. I’ll calm down eventually, but right now I’m mad. That said, I welcome any comments that will point out things I’m not thinking of and will correct me if I’m misinformed. Earlier today I confirmed my suspicion (through our monitoring software) that Lydia had set up an Instagram account against our explicit wishes. I am, of course, upset at the deception.  It also stresses me out that this is even a thing (I’m no Luddite, but can’t we just, like, pass some fancily folded notes and call it a day?). And, as much as I try (within reason) not to judge any parent on their decisions, because… parenting… if you have let your child have a social media account before age 13 (the age I believe most social media platforms “require” for an account), I’m mad at you, I think you’re part of the problem, and, yes, I’m judging the hell out of you right now. You’ve made it that much harder for the apparently small number of us who don’t think their child needs social media by age TWELVE and who think that maybe it’s better if we don’t teach our kid that it’s ok to LIE to get around the system. Lydia’s thoughts on why she set up the account (said through tears as she fled the room): ”You have no idea how much I hate school! I just felt left out!” NO CHILD SHOULD FEEL LEFT OUT BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE A SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE AT AGE TWELVE. IT’S FREAKING RIDICULOUS AND IT MAKES ME SO MAD I CAN HARDLY STAND IT! I understand that some of this stuff is the same as it ever was– just wrapped in a new package, but it’s so pervasive and impossible. Aaron and I will stand firm because we believe it’s best, but it won’t be easy.  Rant over, judging over. Sorry. God, middle school sucks.

Starting Middle School: Social Media Edition

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