Buying Fart Products for Christmas

I’m not sure why I’m thinking about previously purchased Christmas gifts right now, but I’m going with it anyway.

This past Christmas was the year to get fart themed gifts in our family. In the fall, a friend introduced me to the Perpetual Kid web site (a great place for gag gifts, incidentally), and there were several fart-themed items available. I was mostly shopping for my nine year old nephew because my sister assured me that he would never tire of bodily function humor. Even Lydia got in on it, though, with a bag of unicorn farts (some vaguely cotton candy-like substance in a bag with a unicorn on it).

unicron farts

The gift for my nephew was Farts-in-a-Jar and it was supposed to make a fart sound when you open the lid, but, when he did, it was irritatingly silent (insert SBD joke here. Or maybe it’s a SAND joke–Silent And Not Deadly).When I asked if he wanted me to exchange it for one that worked or just give him the money, he wanted a new one (of course he did). This led to an interaction as absurd as the item itself, where I found myself corresponding in a professional manner with a customer service representative about a defective fart product. Despite the absurdity, it was actually one of the best customer service interactions I’ve had. They responded immediately to my e-mail, even over a holiday weekend and promptly refunded my money after giving me the sad news that they no longer carry this product (perhaps ours wasn’t the only one to be less flatulent than desired).  Happily, they have since re-instated it and I stole their picture for today’s post (along with the unicorn one).

Faulty fart products or not, exceptional customer goes a long way, so I won’t hesitate to shop with them again. In fact, maybe  I should get a jump on it and buy another can-o-farts while supplies last.

I have nothing deeper to say that somehow connects fart products to the meaning of life or anything like that. It’s just a short post about fart products and some great customer service. 🙂





Buying Fart Products for Christmas

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